Double the Stitches: My Promise to You

Only the highest quality yarns, including the finest merino wool, the fuzziest angora, luxurious alpaca, and delicate mohair, are used when knitting your creations to guarantee these are your favorite items in your prop collection.  Working with yarns that feel good in our hands as we knit ensures they feel even better next to baby's skin.  They are soft, delicate, and dreamy, with a beautiful halo. Each piece is handcrafted to ensure the perfect fit, and your photos become family treasures.  Quality will never be sacrificed.

Created with love … one stitch at a time.

There is nothing sweeter and more rewarding than seeing an item I handcrafted on a sweet adorable little baby and having the opportunity for my work to be a small part of their newborn photos that will be forever cherished.

The name of my shop, Double The Stitches, was dreamed up one sleepless night after bringing home our newborn twin boys and thinking that any time I wanted to make something for them I’d need “double the stitches”! They are my gifts and my reasons and my inspiration.



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